Miss me?

I’ve missed you all, and after a bit of a hiatus, I’m going to get back to sewing. I’ll be kicking it all off no later than Friday. I’ve missed you all terribly.


I have fabric but no pattern :(

Yesterday at work the delivery man brought me the fabric I ordered from fabric.com here’s the fabric, a lovely red light sweater knit and a black lining

now if the pattern I bought from eBay would show up, I could get started on this month’s sewing challenge from Pretty Girls Sew

I’ll be starting this one as soon as I get the pattern as in running a bit behind. I already have a future owner for this dress so in really excited about this one!!

Also, cross your fingers for me, I may have an owner for a larger corset!!! Squee!!!!

30 garments in 1 year challenge

I’ve been gone for to long, I’ve missed y’all, and after taking to a friend a few days I’ve device to give myself a little challenge…. 30 garments in 1 year…

Am I crazy, possible, but why not? I love challenges and this one sounds like a lot of fun. In starting off with McCall’s 6462 as I’m going to be participating in pretty girls sew November challenge.

After that I’m going to be making a corset based off of for a very understanding friend who understands I’m still new to this resulting hobby. then, well, we will see.

I also have decided that the last 10 garments are going to be my own creations, and not made from patterns.

My time frame is around 2-3 garments a month.

Wish me luck everyone!!!

Tip Friday

Hey all,

With all the different days we have, (throwback Thursday, Formal Friday), I decided to add to that with #TipFriday.  Just a quick post on a tip that I found or I’ve figured out.  Since I’m still figuring it all out, I decided to post a little tip I found over on Pintrest this morning.  How to sew bias tape easily every time.  Shout-out to The Haby Goddess.  Have a great weekend!  What’s everybody working on?

Keep Crafty

The Dude.

Zipper foot vanquished!

Hey all, I decided to try the zipper foot again, and I figured out the problem, it was f’ing sewing machine 101!! I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I forgot to put the foot down. SIGH

Anyway, that’s done and now I’m going to take a part a perfect good summer dress. This dress:

I found it at the thrift shop for $3.29 and half off! Go me!!! I find I have the easiest time understanding something by taking it apart.

Keep Crafty
The Dude

The Pencil Bag Postmortem

Hey all,

Life took me away from the sewing machine, and I didn’t like it, no sir, not one bit.  But over the last 3 days I completed another project, this time a pencil bag.  This one right here:

Pencil bag

Now that I’ve had a chance to sleep on it, I decided a recap, a postmortem might be helpful to you and to me.

I got the pattern from this blog post just passing it along to anyone else who wants to try it out.  I learned a lot in this project, and that’s the point right? Here’s what I learned:

I hate using duck fabric, I felt like I was a in a race again time the whole time as it was fraying from the moment that I cut the pattern out.  I think using pinking shears would have helped in this regard.  If I ever try and use duck again I’ll make sure to use pinking shears.

Making a fabric tube is hard, like whoa.  I must have pinned and repinned the sides 3 or 4 times for each of the 4 round panels.  That brings up another point, making a panel that’s 4″ diameter.  Remember how we thought we never needed geometry when we learning it in school? I tried printing out a circle that was 4″ in diameter, but that didn’t work, then I started looking around for something that fit the bill.  I ended up using a roll of blue painting tape that was just about perfect.  If you all have a different idea, let me know.

Zipper foot! After trying to do the piping in step 9 with a normal presser foot and not getting as close as I wanted to the piping cord, we bought a zipper foot from a local store in Austin called Austin City Stitches. Nice ladies there with a good selection. Anyway after installing the foot which was really easy, I did a test run and with the foot and I quickly learned that it’s nothing like a standard foot.  The fabric didn’t advance unless I guided it through the machine, I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.

Sewing the zipper closed was another challenge as I didn’t baste the zipper and instead pinned it, I had an issue of trying to maneuver the bag around the machine.  Next time, I’ll just baste and be done with it.

I learned a lot on this, and I think I will be redoing the zipper sewing as it’s a bit well, gross.


That’s it for now.  I’m working on another project starting in the next day or so.  I’m going to be deconstructing a dress I bought at the goodwill for 2 reasons, 1 for a pattern, and also so I can get a better idea on how it was constructed.

Keep Crafty,

The Dude.

The Dude couldn’t sew to save his life tonight, also twitter

So after a few days away from the machine, tonight I got back in the saddle, trying to make this pencil bag and I couldn’t get anything right.  My thread kept breaking, I miss cut fabric the fabric, (twice!), I mislaid some piping, and realized I sewed the wrong end of and panel… so I stopped for the night, there are times when the mojo just isn’t there and you need to step away, and so I did.  Tomorrow I will try again and I’m sure things will work easier.

I’ve been reading Tim Gunn’s book Golden Rules and beyond his catch phrase of “Make it work”, he has a wealth of experience and stories to tell.  I learned that while it wasn’t an ideal situation, I tried to make it work and do with what I have.

Also on a different note, I’m now on twitter, never been on twitter, but decided to be the Dude on twitter as well. I’m https://twitter.com/thedudesews if you’d like to follow, I promise to follow back.


Keep Crafty

The Dude