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A guy who sews?

Damn right! I’ve been wanting to sew for along time, and being a guy it’s a bit daunting, we’re not taught growing up how to baste, blind, or hem.  It’s kind of silly if you think about it.  How often could we hang on to a pair of jeans or shirt if we had the knowledge on how to sew? I know I could have saved several pairs of pants that way.

I’ve encoutnered other guys who will tell me on the side that they sew but always in a nervous tone.  Fark that, I’m happy I sew, it’s a handy skill and it’s a great problem solving engineering exercise. If you don’t like that a guy sews, deal.  I decided to drop all pretense to gender roles and do what makes me happy.

Anyway, this is my blog, I’m going to be posting outfits, tips, and sales that I come across.  I’m working on a dress for my daughter and am excited to show you all the final outcome. I also have a BUNCH of other ideas that I want to look at doing once the skills are up to snuff.

Also Hancocks is having a HUGE sale on patterns at my store in Austin, the Vogue patterns were $4-$5 each. I was thrilled, we stocked up on a bunch of fabric and patterns.