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Miss me?

I’ve missed you all, and after a bit of a hiatus, I’m going to get back to sewing. I’ll be kicking it all off no later than Friday. I’ve missed you all terribly.


I have fabric but no pattern :(

Yesterday at work the delivery man brought me the fabric I ordered from here’s the fabric, a lovely red light sweater knit and a black lining

now if the pattern I bought from eBay would show up, I could get started on this month’s sewing challenge from Pretty Girls Sew

I’ll be starting this one as soon as I get the pattern as in running a bit behind. I already have a future owner for this dress so in really excited about this one!!

Also, cross your fingers for me, I may have an owner for a larger corset!!! Squee!!!!

The Dude couldn’t sew to save his life tonight, also twitter

So after a few days away from the machine, tonight I got back in the saddle, trying to make this pencil bag and I couldn’t get anything right.  My thread kept breaking, I miss cut fabric the fabric, (twice!), I mislaid some piping, and realized I sewed the wrong end of and panel… so I stopped for the night, there are times when the mojo just isn’t there and you need to step away, and so I did.  Tomorrow I will try again and I’m sure things will work easier.

I’ve been reading Tim Gunn’s book Golden Rules and beyond his catch phrase of “Make it work”, he has a wealth of experience and stories to tell.  I learned that while it wasn’t an ideal situation, I tried to make it work and do with what I have.

Also on a different note, I’m now on twitter, never been on twitter, but decided to be the Dude on twitter as well. I’m if you’d like to follow, I promise to follow back.


Keep Crafty

The Dude


Guys pants!!!

Oh before I forget, on Reddit, a guy mentioned that his small company just released a pattern for guys pants that I wanted to try out.  I thought they looked really cool, so I decided to give it a go! I’m going to wait a bit as I want to get some more practice with sewing before I try something a bit more adult.  But they look really nice, and the pattern isn’t expensive at all.  


I’ll post when I get them started!

My 1st Garment

Simplicity 6478

I wanted to show off my 1st garment I sewed.  It was a Simplicity 6478.  Normal people tend to start with a pillow or pillow case.. Nope not the Dude, I jumped right in with a dress, albeit it a pint sized dress for a pint sized girl. I loved being able to Jazz with this pattern, I decided to change the halter to a button closure:

because I wasn’t sure how easy it would be get it over her head.  Also I learned that the patterns have the suggested fabrics, and while this wasn’t suggest it was just too too damn cute to pass up on .

I was thinking about everything I learned making this dress; reading a pattern, cutting them and understanding while lines to cut, using pins, threading a sewing machine needle, setting the tensions on the top and bottom, different types of stitches, understanding how to see a garment in your head in 3 space, sometimes it’s right side out, sometimes wrong-side, how to do a lettuce flounce, (what a flounce is).

I think my little model likes her dress.  🙂 *proud daddy*

My next is going to be another dress the Butterick B5020 and some Christmas ornaments. Also a few Christmas presents. 🙂

PS: I am a lefty and the wife isn’t, so I treated myself to a pair of Gingher shears from Amazon

Gingher Shears

Stay crafty my friends.