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The Dude couldn’t sew to save his life tonight, also twitter

So after a few days away from the machine, tonight I got back in the saddle, trying to make this pencil bag and I couldn’t get anything right.  My thread kept breaking, I miss cut fabric the fabric, (twice!), I mislaid some piping, and realized I sewed the wrong end of and panel… so I stopped for the night, there are times when the mojo just isn’t there and you need to step away, and so I did.  Tomorrow I will try again and I’m sure things will work easier.

I’ve been reading Tim Gunn’s book Golden Rules and beyond his catch phrase of “Make it work”, he has a wealth of experience and stories to tell.  I learned that while it wasn’t an ideal situation, I tried to make it work and do with what I have.

Also on a different note, I’m now on twitter, never been on twitter, but decided to be the Dude on twitter as well. I’m https://twitter.com/thedudesews if you’d like to follow, I promise to follow back.


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